Guitar scales PDF booklet

Guitar Scales PDF 58 pages booklet to download


guitar scales


guitar scales



These 99 guitar scales diagrams are very easy to learn : 99 clear diagrams in color with finger positions for beginners and advanced.


Booklet of 58 pages easy to read and above all understand!


PDF booklet: 58 pages & 99 guitar scales diagrams divided into two parts

– PART 1 BEGINNER Pages 1-10

– PART 2 ADVANCED Pages 11-58


You will play:

  1. Major scales
  2. Minor scales
  3. Minor harmonic scales
  4. Minor melodic scales
  5. Major pentatonic guitar scales
  6. Minor pentatonic guiatr scales
  7. Blues scales

It is not necessary to know the music to master the study of these patterns

The purpose of these guitar scales is to learn to be comfortable in speed but also to familiarize his ear to deviations notes.
To advance & progress this is the first thing that any good guitarist starts by learning.
For advanced guitarists, the daily practice of these scales is guaranteed to have total control to do fast solos.

To succeed: 3 important points

1 – When it comes to learning: always start playing as slowly as possible and especially : not the reverse.
Why ? Because in wanting to play as soon as possible, we tend to hide the difficult patterns and quickly get used to accept the imperfections.
Playing a speed that is controlled to a higher speed is always better.
Repetition can tire, we can continue to play such changing exercise… it is even recommended!
2 – Play regularly, and for that, nothing better than a metronome to mark time!
3 – And most often … play!

99 Guitar scales diagrams
58 pages PDF booklet

Guitar scales PDF first pages


Download now!

For advanced guitarists:
The study of the scales is a must for any guitarist with the project to be as complete as possible.
Everyone has his idea of how he wants to achieve: for information the best soloists practice until 5 or 6 hours a day!
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