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This evolution guitar pack is the economical solution to acquire two essential booklets to progress to the guitar

Evolution guitar pack 1000 chords1 – The 1000 guitar chords booklet contains all the chords: from the easiest to the most difficult

This evolution guitar pack booklet contains 32 pages and 400 commun chords + 600 colored chords.

This booklet is useful for both beginner and advanced guitarist, it has two parts: the first is a summary of the 400 most common chords.
The second part is intended for advanced guitarists, each chord is presented in color with the position of the fingers as well as the notation of the root note. Several positions are proposed for the root note. Position 1 with the 6th E string, position 2 with the 5th A string and position 3 with the 4th D string. These chords largely cover the needs of jazz, flamenco, R’B etc …


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Evolution guitar pack guitar scales2- The 99 guitar scales is a summary of most of the scale modes that guitarists encounter when playing solos

This evolution guitar pack booklet contains 58 pages.

The modes are major, minor, harmonic minor, natural and melodic minor, minor pentatonic, minor pentatonic, mixolydian, blues.
These scales are essential to gain a good level of velocity.
All the great guitarists say it: the daily practice of the scales is the guarantee to maintain a good level. Even the older ones go on doing these exercises throughout their lives.
If you want to progress do like them!

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Practice the metronome right hand + left hand (= FR ► S’entrainer au métronome main droite + main gauche)
More videos from Professor Mick HERE

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