Guitar chords for beginners
pdf booklet

Guitar chords for beginners in a 30 pages booklet easy to read !

Colors for each finger

324 guitar chords for beginnersFOR BEGINNERS

324 guitar chords for beginners to play most of the popular songs

All Styles of music

Chords for Rock, pop music, country, classic, jazz, fusion, reggae, Rn’B, funk, metal…
You will find some very easy chords to play, but also some very particular chords from the jazz or the Rn’B.
This booklet is very helpful because it offers 2 or 3 positions of fingering to play, so if you can not play one difficult chord you will try another fingering and finally can play the chord in the right tune.

MEMENTO 324 chords
30 pages PDF booklet
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The barre chord

Extract of the 30 pages booklet: “The first barre chord on the guitar that you learn when you begin is usually F barre chord.
Big mistake: this is the most difficult chord to make even for the pros! Why ?
Because this chord is placed in the widest part of the neck and with the largest cases.
– If you are a beginner learn to do without it for the moment.

F chord with 3 fingers



3 fingers with a short barre on the first two strings

How to master the barred chord on the guitar …
and how to do without it…”

LAST TIP : don’t search : PLAY!

Each chord in 15 modes and several positions

You will find all the flat guitar chords and sharp guitar chords i.e : A flat chord guitar, A sharp,  C sharp minor, E flat guitar chord, B flat, and also D sus 4… etc.

15 modes are :

major, minor, seventh, minor seventh, major seventh, 5th, 6th, 6th minor, sus4, 9th, 9th minor, 6/9, m7b5, 7 # 9 and dim7.
In all the tonality : A, A flat (A b), A sharp (A#) – B, B flat (B b), B sharp (B#) – C, C flat (C b), C sharp (A#) – D, D flat (Db), D sharp (D#) – E, E flat (E b), E sharp (E#) – F,F flat (F b),F sharp (F#) – G, G flat (G b), G sharp (G#).


guitar chords for beginners - 5 exercises
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guitar chords for beginners F chords
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