Guitar chords for beginners pdf booklet

Guitar chords for beginners in a 5 pages booklet easy to read ! Printable

324 Guitar chords for beginners pdf booklet


Each chord in 15 modes and several positions.

324 guitar chords for beginners


guitar chords for beginners



324 chords to play most of the popular songs

Each chord is offered up to 4 different fingerings.

All Styles of music

Chords for Rock, pop music, country, classic, jazz, fusion, reggae, Rn’B, funk, metal…
You will find somme very easy chords to play, but also some very particular chords from the jazz or the Rn’B.
This booklet is very helpfull because it offers 2 or 3 positions of fingering to play, so if you can not play one difficult chord you will try another fingering and finaly can play the chord in the right tune.

15 modes are :

major, minor, seventh, minor seventh, major seventh, 5th, 6th, 6th minor, sus4, 9th, 9th minor, 6/9, m7b5, 7 # 9 and dim7.
In all the tonality : A, A flat (A b), A sharp (A#) – B, B flat (B b), B sharp (B#) – C, C flat (C b), C sharp (A#) – D, D flat (Db), D sharp (D#) – E, E flat (E b), E sharp (E#) – F,F flat (F b),F sharp (F#) – G, G flat (G b), G sharp (G#).

You can print this little booklet 5 pages to keep it with you or into your guitar case. You can also make a plastify booklet with a cover that you like.
TIP : If one day you feel that you can not play a certain chord, and even if you try hard, nothing is coming good : wait for tomorrow, you will be surprise that you can easy play this famous chord which was impossible to play yesterday! Do not forget in the word music there is : muse, amuse  😉

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MEMENTO 324 chords


5 pages PDF booklet


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