324 Guitar chords PDF Printable

324 Guitar chords PDF Printable

Guitar chords PDF printable double-sided A4 color!

Each face contains 162 perfectly legible chords!

With this 324 guitar chords PDF printable all chords are available in 10 modes and many fingerings.
It is very important : sometimes two chords with the same name do not fit for a refrain or a musical part… this is why we add 2, 3 or 4 different fingerings for each chord.

324 Guitar chords in 10 modes: major chords, minor chords, 7th chords, minor 7th chords, Major 7th chords, chords 5, 6 chords, minor chords 6, 9 major chords, sus4 chords.

Always at hand or desk range, it fits in a guitar case. It is very easy to read!

This is a purchase for life if you protect it with a plastic sheet /cover.

Very handy for the beginner guitarist to guitarist confirmed : the choice of several positions for each chord is affordable for all.

If you are a beginner try also this: Guitar chords for beginners.

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Maybe you say to yourself: do 324 chords is enough to accompany songs?

We answer yes!

Of course some songs especially instrumental music such as jazz require other more complicated chords.

In summary if you just want to accompany songs, we guarantee that you will do this for 80-90% of known songs!

Some print it, cover it, and use it as table set for breakfast … A joke for music’s fans !

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NB : This item replace the 324 guitar chords plastified out of stock.

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