1000 Guitar Chords PDF
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1000 guitar chords booklet to download

1000 Guitar Chords PDF to download  $6

ALL LEVELS: beginners, advanced, experts.
Guitar chords selected by a professional


1000 Guitar Chords to accompany almost all the songs of the world


Probably the best dictionary with 1000 guitar chords PDF

  • 404 chords in 15 modes and several positions
    (the extensive bases of most songs)
  • 600 colored chords with detailed positions of the fundamentals (Root note) and notes. Jazz chords easy to read and play.
    Guitar chords in ALL styles
    Rock, Folk, Country, Pop, Jazz, Flamenco, Reggae, Zouk, Variety, Metal, Gypsy Jazz, African, Classical …

1000 Guitar Chords

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1000 guitar chords Jazz chords part
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1000 guitar chords
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1000 Guitar Chords

For all: beginners, advanced and professionals.
Opening the booklet in double page you got, in 16 clicks, 1000 guitar chords in front of you!
Spend hours studying the different forms of chords with no need of connexion.

  • Part 400 chords: finally all the usual chords and more! With a page by chords of the same tone.
  •  Part Jazz chords: first of all these chords are played with 4 strings*
    The position of the fingers is indicated by circles of colours
    Circles stretched in colours indicate a barre of several strings.
    The root note (fundamental) surrounded by black gives the name of the
    – Chords on the left are played with the Root note on the 6th string.
    – In the middle = 5th string.
    – And on the right = 4th string.
    * Note: 7 flat9 chords are proposed with a position with the thumb to
    play the root note, they are the only jazz chords with 5 notes.

Want to go further?


The EVOLUTION PACK is for you

– Booklet 99 guitar scales pdf. INFO+
The daily practice scales is practised even by professionals to be comfortable and stay fast.
The goal is to have a broad overview to be able to calmly deal with the study of melodies and solos without being hindered by the mechanical side different main fingerings.

– Booklet 1000 guitar chords pdf.

This booklet is ideal for both beginners and advanced guitarists.
First part: a series of 400 most common chords.
Second part: a series of 600 chords with detailed positions of fingers and root notes.

NB: you can also buy these items separately.


TOTAL = $14

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