Guitar Course on line
MG Guitar

Guitar Course on line MG Guitar

The background music (24 loops) displays in your browser ! No connection needed !



1 Booklet PDF 106 pages

121 diagrams scales

1 Metronome to learn and play the loops in rhythm.

1 Chorder

24 original loops in many style of music
to play solos, melodies and scales with a guitar accompagniement
+ a full rhythmic : bass, guitar, synthesizer and drums.

14 videos to see the examples of LOOPS and learn with.

MG Guitar Method
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Example : the solo is playing with the LOOP N°4.
and with the Pentatonic major scale diagram of the booklet.


The Pentatonic major scale (below) serve as a guide to play that guitar solo.
NB : we start with the little finger FRET N°8 !
This diagram is one of the 121 of the Booklet !


Click to Play the LOOP N°4 and try this Pentatonic major scale now!


TUTORIAL : choose Full screen

guitar course on line MG Guitar
The all in one MG CHORDS LOOPS

MG Guitar Method is for those who want to learn their own way without a teacher

1 – Study of the scales with the Booklet
2 – Playing with these scales with the MG Chords Loops
3 – Improvise solos with the loops of the MG Chords Loops


MG Guitar Method is a very simple guitar course on line

YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW MUSIC : you only need a PC, desktop or tablet.

No connection needed ! No registration, no subscription, nor installation !

Just put the file in the folder of your choice.

ALL IN ONE METHOD = Booklet + Loops + Metronome + Chorder + Videos

This guitar course on line is VERY UNIQUE for you!

Created by an experimented professional guitarist (more than 45 years of practice)



How it works ?
Click on the LOOP.html
file and the MG Chords Loops will appear in your browser… that’s why we call it : Guitar Course on line MG Guitar, it’s just for you!

You will play 24 loops of more than 58 ways + tune your guitar + choose a tempo with the metronome with this magic MG Chords Loops!

The booklet will help you to follow the course. And if it is not enough you will follow the exercises with the videos included.
Guaranteed results !

This easy solo guitar method is developed by a pro musician practising over 45 years ! He gives you on a tray all its secrets !

You don’t need to know the music : only follow the diagrams… at your rhythm and your way.
Mick (the creator of the method) makes you play these scales in all directions and in the mess !
Why : develop your own patterns and habits = play the notes and melodies that you feel, the ones you like !!

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